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Welcome to Toma y Daka!

A culinary destination in Bilbao that offers you a unique and authentic gastronomic experience based on the richness of the best raw materials offered by the Basque land. At Toma y Daka we believe in the excellence of local products and in the good work of local producers, which is why we strive to pay tribute to them in our cuisine, bringing out all their virtues and gastronomic properties on the grill and extolling them with the magic of the ember.


Immerse yourself in the intense flavour of the Cantabrian Sea with our fresh fish and seafood from the region. From Arminza sea bream to Lekeitio sea bass, not forgetting a spectacular selection of fresh seafood. We select the best of the sea for you every day. Every mouthful is an ode to the sea.


The fertile and prolific local vegetable garden provides us with authentic gastronomic gems such as the purple onion from Zalla, the irresistible piparrak from Ibarra, the delicious peppers from Gernika or the tasty and aromatic tomatoes from Lekeitio, as well as a wide variety of vegetables that highlight the quality of the Basque land with their flavour in every dish.


The green and aromatic mountains of Bizkaia give us a treasure trove of mushrooms and fungi every season, the essence of which we capture in our dishes with love and dedication. From the perretxiko to the boletus edulis mushroom and the delicious amanita caesarea. Discover the richness of our forests in every bite.


We could not forget the farm products of the region, such as meats and sausages from the exquisite Euskal Txerri pig, Lumagorri chicken, Betizu cow chops or the spectacular artisan cheeses from local producers. Our selection of cheeses and cold meats is a tribute to Basque tradition.


Of course, we cannot fail to mention our well-stocked cellar of carefully selected local wines to complement each dish. Txakolis made from local varieties such as the traditional Hondarrabi zuri, and wines from the fertile Rioja Alavesa. At Toma y Daka, every meal is a celebration of culture and passion for local produce – come and enjoy authentic Basque cuisine with us!